6th Grade

Catholic identity must and does permeate the curriculum guidelines, instruction, and assessments. Curriculum guidelines provide a template for teachers to provide instruction, and assessments demonstrate that learners have achieved unsurpassed academic success. A process of continuous improvement ensures that curriculum guidelines are regularly examined and updated or revised where needed. For more detailed curriculum information, please contact Mrs. Andrea Allen, Associate Principal, [email protected].
Students learn about their Christian life of love, the law of God, their human frailty in following that law, and the means that God gives them to follow His law, especially through graces received in the Holy Mass. By focusing the study of salvation history on typology in the Passover feast and the Last Supper, the students are brought to a deeper understanding of the Eucharist. The sixth grade concludes with a study of the last things in light of God’s mercy and our hope for heaven.
In the sixth grade, students focus on five-step and eight-step labs and experiments within the three units of study. The three units are Earth Science, Earth’s Water and Atmosphere, and Space Science. Five-step labs ask a question, conduct an investigation, gather data, develop explanations, and communicate discoveries. Eight-step labs ask a question, conduct an investigation, gather data, develop explanations, think critically, recognize alternatives, communicate discoveries, and use mathematics.
Our sixth-grade curriculum requires students to determine explicit and implicit meaning from text and explore the worlds of drama and fantasy. Students enjoy “the daily three” and literature circles to challenge them at their own reading levels. The students work extensively on the Living Wax Museum as they take on the role of a character living or deceased, real or make-believe.
Students learn English grammar through the "Voyages in English" series. Students write editorials, travel brochures, skits and commercials, and other creative and informational works. Sixth graders continue to fine-tune their writing through the writing process. Our students enjoy “flipped” lessons, freeing up the teacher for small group and one-on-one conferencing with the students.
Middle School Mathematics: Our middle school curriculum is tiered, on-level, accelerated level, and honors level. In sixth through eighth grade our students are placed in the best-fit course. Our sixth graders cover ratios, proportions, expressions, equations, statistics, and probability. Our seventh and eighth graders focus on algebra and geometry.
In sixth grade, the students learn about the Eastern Hemisphere, current events, and major moments in world history. Students study the influence on the culture, food, and customs of the Eastern World. Exploration and study of the geography of the Eastern Hemisphere allow students to create and interpret various visual representations.
We choose books based on curriculum alignment, grade level appropriateness, and overall quality.