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In early January, we celebrate the feast of St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton. She was the first American born Saint and is recognized as a foundress of Catholic Education in the United States. Over 200 years later, millions of people have been blessed by the gift of a Catholic Education. We are so grateful to the many people that give back to Our Lady of Sorrows and stay connected to the community that gave them so much.

We invite you to join us for a special Day of Giving during the 2024 Catholic School Week. Our Day of Giving will take place from January 30 at 12 pm to January 31 at 12 pm.


The Day of Giving raises funds for The Saints for Tomorrow Annual Fund - It is very important to us that our donors are informed and understand why we fundraise and why each fundraiser is necessary. To learn more and explore the Our Lady of Sorrows financial framework, please visit Giving Overview. Your contributions are a gift of confidence in our young saints and in the strength of our mission. 


Any gift made in honor of a teacher enters them in an Amazon gift card drawing. Each classroom has a 24 hour goal to reach $1,200 in order to earn a comfy dress day. In addition, watch out for a fire sale announcement during the day!