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Day of Giving

Day of Giving
Twenty years ago, Saint Pope John Paul II said to an audience of Catholic educators in New Orleans: "Yours is a great gift to the Church, a great gift to your nation." Countless people in our country have been blessed by the many gifts of Catholic schools. We are so grateful to the many people that give back to Our Lady of Sorrows and stay connected to the community that gave them so much.
THANK YOU for our 2022 Day of Giving success! We raised a RECORD $43,000 from a RECORD 514 donors! 
Many thanks to the John Family, Miss Kara Rose, the Pohl Family, The Yono Family, the Maizi Family, the Bakkal Family and several of our teachers for the wonderful posts on Facebook and Instagram.
The Day of Giving raises funds for The Saints for Tomorrow Annual Fund - It is very important to us that our donors are informed and understand why we fundraise and why each fundraiser is necessary.  To learn more and explore the Our Lady of Sorrows financial framework, please visit Giving Overview.  Your contributions are a gift of confidence in our young saints and in the strength of our mission.