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You are always WELCOME at our TABLE.



Julie McCormickI am a product of a large Catholic Italian family.  As one of eleven children, the family dinner we shared each night provided the food that not only nourished my body, but also fed my soul.  At this table I found the unconditional love and support I craved and needed to grow healthy and strong.  When I missed a family dinner I knew my place would be saved, and loved ones would be waiting for my return.  As a member of this large family, each of us played an important role in helping with the many chores and tasks needed to maintain our home, and we took on after school jobs to help support the financial needs of our close knit family. 

As is often the case with members of large families, leaving home and the security of my Italian clan was very difficult. I spent the better part of my twenties on an outward search for the things I thought would fulfill me.  No matter where the journey took me, or how many new toys I acquired, I felt empty inside. I longed for those family meals where I felt I belonged, and where I knew a place would always be set for me.

It wasn’t until my thirties when I joined Our Lady of Sorrows Parish that I discovered a “home away from home”, among an extended Catholic family.  The emptiness inside of me began to be replaced by a peace that only Christ can give as I began to share in the sacred meal with this family that would slowly but surely transform my life.  I discovered that the more I ate of this meal and GAVE of my time, talent and treasure, the more graces without costs I received.  Like those early days growing up, I realized that it takes each member to make our parish home a vibrant community where a place at the table will always be set for us when we come home; a place we all belong.Julie's Family

As the Director of Advancement for Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School, I have the honor and privilege to welcome to the table new members of our family each year.  This year we welcomed 173 new students to our school. This holy work of building our Catholic family and supporting our parish home cannot be done without your help.  Will you consider supporting the ministry of our school and helping me with this sacred task?  In the meantime, please remember we always have a spot at our table set for you, come hungry and be fed!


Our  Lady of Sorrows is a qualified 501 (c) 3 organization, a not-for-profit, and your donations are

fully tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.