Standardized Tests

Students at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School participate in the Archdiocese of Detroit’s standardized testing program and consistently score above state averages.  Students take the STAR Assessment which is given three times a year to show student growth. The test windows are fall, winter, and spring. The results of this assessment help our dedicated staff to plan for enrichment/support for individual students, reflect on the effectiveness of recent curriculum decisions, and plan for future curriculum improvements. 

While we are proud of these high test scores and celebrate the hard work of our students and teachers, we also realize that standardized test scores are just one of many factors we can use to judge how effectively we are realizing our mission and vision. We might also consider to what extent students are drawing closer to Christ, how students are treating each other and co-existing in a Christian community, the degree of parent/grandparent involvement and much more. This detailed report of standardized test scores in no way diminishes the importance of these other considerations. At Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School, we aim for excellence by any measure; every one of these factors is critically important.