5th Grade

Catholic identity must and does permeate the curriculum guidelines, the instruction, and assessments. Curriculum guidelines provide a template for teachers to provide instruction, and assessments demonstrate that learners have achieved unsurpassed academic success. A process of continuous improvement ensures that curriculum guidelines are regularly examined and updated or revised where needed. For more detailed curriculum information, please visit olsorrows.com or contact Mrs. Andrea Allen, Associate Principal, [email protected]
Our fifth graders study the Creed and the development of salvation history, to immerse them in the Profession of Faith. They develop a deeper understanding of each component of the Creed as it is part of salvation history. Students delve deeper into social justice issues and church doctrine.

In fifth grade, students learn about astronomy, ecology, matter and motion, and the excretory and respiratory systems.  There is a focus on the physical sciences at this level.  The children especially love the food chain and food web project they research and write about.


In fifth grade, students use the Wonders curriculum which provides differentiation for students while strengthening reading skills and confidence. Students are exposed to even more text elements through multi-media and visual elements used in graphic novels and multimedia presentations. This helps them prepare to explore more challenging novels and non-fiction texts in literature circles as the year progresses.
Using Voyages in English students are able to master grammar rules and improve their writing skills. Through rigorous practice and written application students are able to become articulate communicators of the English language. Using many different writing genres, students practice and become confident in the writing process. Students use diagramming and interactive notebooks to reinforce skills learned in class.

Our fifth graders master long division, two-digit multiplication, and the skills of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions and decimals in preparation for geometry and algebra. Students also solve more complex word problems and use data to solve problems. The students are given work based on fluid groupings. The students develop and master the concepts of place value through billions, expanded and standard form, counting patterns, ordering seven digit numbers, rounding to the nearest hundredth and million, rounding money, greatest common factor, least common multiple, divisibility up to 9, decimal concepts, fraction concepts, adding and subtracting integers, multiplying and dividing integers, money, adding and subtracting with regrouping, five digit division, multiplication, problem solving strategies, adding, subtracting, division, and multiplication of fractions and decimals, and tables, charts, and graphs. The focus is on two-digit multiplication and division, and on fractions and decimals in preparation for more complex mathematics.

In fifth grade, the students learn about the Western Hemisphere, current events, and major moments in world history. Students study the influence on the culture, food, and customs of the Western World. Exploration and study of the geography of the Western Hemisphere allows students to create and interpret various visual representations. Classroom learning is enhanced by the use of PowerPoints, interactive notebooks and unit independent reading books.


The textbooks we use are evaluated on a five year cycle. We choose books based on curriculum alignment, grade level appropriateness, and overall quality.